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We like filming stories Your Story

We loved listening to stories in our childhood. We still do.
"What's the story?" is our favourite question.

We are here to create stories that will entertain, connect, inspire, express, and set you thinking. As a passionately-driven team, we count ourselves lucky to have worked with some exceptionally creative clients. To name a few....


Some of our work

  • iKARE - Narayana Health
  • Lollypop - A UX/UI Design Studio
  • Water Quality - Animation film for an NGO (Water Aid)
  • Mahindra Home Stays - Kumaon
  • HELL-O! - Short film trailer
  • Imperfect or I'm perfect
  • ITC Haridwar
  • ITC Lab Nat
  • KJ - The Engagement
  • Water Hygiene - Animation film for an NGO (Water Aid)
  • Mahindra Home Stays - Kerala
  • Titan - Film for prospective new hires
  • Hello Kids
  • Vitus MD

Meet the team

Neelam Singh

Filmmaker, Writer, Yoga Fanatic

Neelam has a background in writing and dancing. Having written for companies like Oracle, Sallie Mae, Replicon, Indian Express, and running her own dance studio, her strengths bleed over into the aesthetic world of films.

She loves to laugh and believes anything is possible. Raised in South India, she relishes filter coffee and loves listening to soulful Sufi music. She's sought soul adventure, remains artistic, and defies the odds holding a passion for both, films, and her purpose on Earth.

Vishnu Reddy

Editor, Camera Enthusiast, Music Lover

Vishnu has a background in editing and loves exploring new techniques and technology, to improvise. His love for films drives him to explore the camera and watch world movies.

He loves wildlife/nature and has visited almost all the forests in India. He is musically inclined and spends his time listening to world music. He relishes home-made chai and loves meeting people from different countries and exploring their culture.

Shailaja Jeeva

Production Executive

Shailaja has extensive experience in the world of film distribution and marketing. She has travelled the world a few times over, working with other film professionals and clients around the world.

Our Work Mantra

Pre Production

Budget/schedule, Casting

We learn, question, conceptualize and find the story we're both after. With your concept in place, we sketch up a storyboard that spells out your story and brings it alive, frame-by-frame.

Here’s where we spend time on script development, location scouting, recce and securing crew.


Film shoot, Audiography

We manage to get that Martini Shot and that’s when we bring out the flat beer and celebrate!

Here’s where everything happens at once.

Post Production

Film Edit

We're focused on both the quality and overall experience of each and every production.

Here’s where we edit the film to make your story better.

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